Care Counseling

Who We Serve:

Our counseling services at the Hope Center are available to the general public ages 10 and up. We offer counseling for individuals, married couples, and families. We also offer premarital counseling for those preparing for marriage.

What We Offer:

There are two different types of counseling offered through the Hope Center

  1. Care Counseling– Our care counselors are not professional counselors. They are volunteers who have gone through specialized training in that program. Care Counseling is a structured, workbook-based five-week program with the goal of growing your faith while also addressing whatever your current life stressors may be. We offer care counseling to meet a variety of scheduling needs. Care Counseling is offered for both individuals and married couples and is available both in-person and online.


  2. Interns– Our interns are working on their master’s degrees in Christian counseling at different universities across central Florida and they come to the Hope Center to compile their clinical hours necessary for their program. Counseling with our interns is also faith-based and can last up to ten sessions. Intern counseling is offered for individuals, married couples, and families and can also occur both in-person and online.

For those whose needs exceed our in-house offerings, we maintain a list of professional counselors in the community to whom we commonly refer.

Interested in becoming a Care Counselor?

Please email us at or call us at 352-989-4494 and tell us a little about yourself. We would love to hear from you!

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1. What is the cost for care counseling?

We never charge for counseling at the Hope Center. The only cost you may incur is for the written manuals for care or premarital counseling. 

2. Are sessions confidential?

We are committed to keeping everything you share confidential. The only exceptions to this are if you threaten to harm yourself or someone else, or inform us about the abuse or neglect of a child.

3. What if I am interested in receiving counseling?

Send us an email at or call us at 352-989-4494 and we will respond promptly with the next steps.